About Sage Banty


Hey there!

My name is Shelby and I am addicted to cheese, wine, good boots, and my chickens. Aside from the important stuff, I was born and raised in Colorado. I grew up in the foothills west of Fort Collins in the same house my parents have now. My sister and I were mostly outside, acting like little gremlins! I now reside north of Fort Collins, in a little town called Wellington. I live with my boyfriend, Jordan. We are the proud "parents" of 7 chickens. He doesn't care for them much, but I LOVE THEM. I enjoy skiing, spending lots of time with my family, and traveling. Any questions? Just ask!


Sage Banty's Mission

I aim to provide confidence, laughs, and support to all of my babes! Sage Banty is a boutique that strives to bring the seasons trends in a way that you can uniquely style.


"Sage Banty is one of the best boutiques you will ever shop at! Because of the kind, sweet owner Shelby and her amazing, unique selection of clothes, accessories, etc, you will leave Sage Banty with a smile on your face!"  - Rebekah D